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You should to try it!

This is an amazing app!!!

Not bad but needs collaboration!

As a standalone mindmapping tool, it’s pretty good. I like the new quick entry feature. Not thrilled about having to pay for the upgrade from Mindnode2. My main complaint about this and most of these tools is half the value of mindmapping is collaboration. The tool give me no way to edit a document in real-time with remote team members. That is keeping me from being productive with this tool and forcing me to use only solutions like Coggle or MindMup or GroupMap. I’d prefer MindNode but not without that capability. I use a lot of mindmap tools, this one is good but without collaboration it loses a lot of its value. They said they are working on it which is great but no notion of when or what it will be like so I’ll reserve improved rating until then.

Can't purchase Full License

I really like the app but can't purchase a full license. Customer Support doesn't seem to helpful either so I guess I'll take my money elsewhere??


Must have for the entusiastics of mental minds!

great app

Really easy to use and super useful



A joy to use

This is a very well designed app that "just works." The user interface is well thought out and most importantly, the mind maps you create will look fantastic.

One small thing keeping it from becoming five stars.

This program is amazing!! That being said there should be a setting (and i think this could be easily implemented) to make the top branches branhes vertical and the the side branches horizontal so you can have both horizontal and veritcal branches in the same main node (or atleast choose the arrangement of individual branches or sets).

Great thinking tool

MindNode is how I doodle thoughts into my computer before starting to do any complex task that requires decision-making. It's also been great for studying languages (for making word lists, and using the outline view to hide / show answers). Its UI is polished, plays well with others (copy/paste, drag & drop work as you'd expect, lots of export options) and won't distract you from what you are thinking. Other tools don't output diagrams as nice by default, so you may end up getting distracted trying to make them look good instead of thinking about whatever you are trying to do. This is one of those indispensable mac tools.

Immediately helpful and powerful tool

OK, feel free to dismiss this review based on the fact that I’ve been using the app for all of about 5 minutes, but I think it’s a pretty meaningful statement that after such a short amount of time, I’ve already almost completely mapped a complicated idea in a way I never would have — wouldn’t have even completely understood how to — had it not been for MindNode. I was browsing the App Store when I suddenly got an idea for an app. As I thought about my idea, it started getting complicated quickly. I started trying to make notes in a typical outline fashion on a napkin. That wasn’t helping. I started drawing a sort of flow chart-like diagram instead: a central idea with circles around it, with their own circles orbiting them... That sort of helped, but the napkin quickly filled up. I started fumbling around in the app store and came across MindNode. I downloaded the free trial, typed some things into the tutorial. This might work! In less than a minute, I bought the full version. I’m going to be without internet for a couple of months starting tomorrow morning (what a life, I know) and didn’t want the trial expiring on me in the meantime. But within five minutes, I had mapped my idea out more extensively than probably any other idea I’ve ever had, and that was just brainstorming! Main idea, branched off considerations, sub-branches, each with sub-branches, each with sub-branches… it’s so easy with this app to ask “What else? What else? What else?” That little plus button is just begging you to keep adding considerations, keep trying to think of everything. This has gone from a fleeting idea in a coffee shop to something I’m now genuinely considering pursuing. And I’m only using the simplest, top-level feature so far. I don’t even know what — if anything — else this app does. So, yeah, dismiss this review if you want, but don’t dismiss the app. I recommend you download the trial. If my experience is any indication, you’ll know pretty quickly if this app meshes with the way you think. If it does, it’s a darn nice thing to have.

If you need to do serious, organized research and writing.

This is an incredible app for academic writers and researchers. I have used this app to organize and produce multiple research papers and one very detailed PhD dissertation. Ignore the cost, it is pennies compared to the time it will save you and the quality it will allow you to create. Every update is worth the value. For the developers… well done. For future updates… give us word count in individual nodes and for iPad pro users… give us the ability to draw and write using apple pencil.

Horrible customer support.

I was disappointed with the customer support. The app supports family sharing and my wife tried to install it on her computer but by mistake, she purchased MindNode2 and besides the original MindNode5 price of $40 we were charged another $40 for almost the same app. We’ve tried to ask for a refund since we already have MindNode5 purchased but MindNode’s support refused to issue a refund saying that it is Apple’s fault and there is nothing they can do. This is completely ridiculous, I will never buy any other product from this company again if this is the way how they treat their clients and how they are making money. It doesn’t make any sense to buy two similar products on one account, so issuing a refund for one purchase that was done by mistake should not be a problem. Disappointed :(

Pleasure to use.

Bought this for help with brainstorming for my novels, but it's so easy to use and pleasing to look at I've started using it for other hobbies and at work as well. Great app.

Needs Collaboration

This is a great tool, and not having a subscription is fantastic. I do wonder if it would be possible to have multiple collaborators through iCloud without a subscription price though. It would really make the app into the best mind mapping tool available.

Very good app, very bad business decisions for the customers...

The app works great, always worked. But I don’t understand why I need to buy MindNode5 if I already bought MindNode 2 and works perfectly. The change set is not that high and creative to justify that expensive upgrade.

Works now

The one day I really needed this app to work, it broke with an update. However, they did fix it later.

Absolutely indispensable tool for creative thinkers

I’m the cheif creative officer of a growing tech startup who everyday interfaces with collegues and design/development teams that are bringing ideas into reality. MindNode has fundamentally changed the way I work and think. It is the one tool I use to map out ANY challenge, concept, or meeting… and then turn those into actionable task lists. You should see some of my documents… it’s jaw-dropping how effectively MindNode helps document and communcate ideas. My hat is off to the developers. It is clear that they are passionate about this product and have continued to sprinkle in useful features. I love that they have (so far) really focused on what this app is for, and not weighted it down with excess features. This is NOT flowcharting or diagraming software, nor should it be… This is THE tool that will help you get your biggest ideas out of your head in a meaningful, actionable way. Get it!


It started with a thought. The images and words followed. Sharing PDF, image, Markdown, and text formats is easy. MindNode makes thinking, organizing, and writing easy - that’s a big deal to me! I like working on a project with text, graphics, links, and objects and being able to export to Ulysses or Bear using the Markdown option - it even includes the images. Entry is easy and export is a dream. Great apps work and share well with others. I’ve used MindNode since 2011 on iOS and MacOS and never needed support until last week. I got first-class support. I am proud to endorse MindNode. The team at MindNode knows how to make customers for life! Thanks!

Expensive, worth it if not tied to iCloud for Sync.

Let me be clear, for ease-of-use I have found nothing better and more intuitive. The things that need to be improved: - At this price point, I am extremely disappointed that there is not effortless syncing using Dropbox or other cloud servers. You have to use (gulp), iCloud. - The Mac and iOS apps have to be purchased separately, with no discount for one if you buy the other. - Allow tagging!!! Using tags to add another layer of filtering and search options seems like a no-brainer that well greatly enhance functionality. For a premium product, MindNode can establish and maintain it’s dominance through improved features that don’t detract from its value as a beautiful, uncluttered app.

Simple, Easy to Use, Needs to be More Customizable

This is a sleek, simple, & easy to use mind mapping tool. I tried a couple of other mind-mapping apps and this app feels the smoothest and easiest to use. However, this app would go from a great app to an amazing app in my mind if some additional features were added. 1st, I wish that the keyboard shortcuts are more customizable. Currently, the app does allow you to set the keyboard shortcuts for about 5 or 6 of the most common tasks, but I want to have more control over some of the other commands. The "default zoom command" and the “fold node” command doesn’t really make sense to me. I wish I can change these keyboard shortcuts into commands that I am used to using. I also wish that there is a keyboard shortcut to add a sticker instead of having to click on the “sticker” button on the tab bar. 2nd, I wish that the themes allow you to save more. Right now, it only allows you save the styles of the main node and 1 generation. I wish that the themes could save the styles of up to 3-5 generations. This is so that the visual hierarchy of parents and children between different generations become more obvious. I want more freedom to style the different generational nodes the way I want. I am getting around this issue currently by opening up a “template” mindnode file that I saved before & then duplicating the file [Cmd + Shift + S]. 3rd, I wish that when you open a 2nd mindnode file, it becomes a tab rather than a new window I am a big fan of the app. Even without the 3 things I mentioned, this app is incredibly useful and nice to use. But I really do hope that the developers add these new features in a future version. This would make the app go from great to AMAZING.

Could be great

Long time user, this could be a great app. But it’s held back by one easy to fix problem. The placement of the connection arrows happens automatically, and there’s only one way point you can use to shape the curve. As a result, any mind map with more than a handful of connections gets awkward and messy, with arrows running through nodes. Have been asking for a fix for years. Without it, it’s kind of limited to really simple maps with few connections.

Excellent Integration for Writers.

For those of you, like me, looking for an integration of MindMapping with Scrivener and Scapple even, MindNode 5 provides an inexpensive and very powerful solution. This software works like iThoughts and perhaps others, though MindNode prices strikes me as more reasonable. One can attach notes to one or multiple hierarchical nodes in MindNode, and these come into Scrivener as title and content on separate cards and outline elements. Even more impressively, if one takes a Scapple and exports, with the option proved to create notes field in the opal export, the first line of scapple node appears as node, with secondary lines appearing in an editable notes pane which appears for each separate node as a sidebar to the diagram. So one can easily click around the mind map adding context and description to simple titles. A simple outline can be quickly enriched in MindNode, then the OPML taken directly into Scrivener. This is what I've wanted.

Simple & Powerful, Apple-esk

Great Application. I’ve created huge mind maps for my masters papers and the program has handled them all perfectly. I enjoy the attention to design without compromising functionality. The app looks and feels like a native Apple app (a compelement to the programmers) and the fact that it syncs through iCloud is GREAT! I have this app on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac! Keep up the great work!

Great App - How do I convert my iPad License?

Really solid app - Like it a lot. I use it for iPad and have a license for it; however, it is not transfering over to my desktop app. How do I do I get the app to license on the desk top?

2 -> 5? marginal upgrade but still one of my favorite apps

Whats new in 5.0: Quick Entry for the mac toolbar and Top down layouts. MindNode started out as a way to organize information for my design work. In the past year I’ve started to use it for EVERYTHING. Organizing thoughts for important emails or making decisions. Meeting notes and accompanying to-do’s. To make site maps (glad there are top down layouts now!) Even the default theme works really well as presentation pieces. As a highly visual person I struggle with unloading thoughts and often get hung up on arrangement or organization. MindNode (especially with custom shortcuts) make it real easy for me to brain dump- then visually arrange. I’ve been using version 2 for awhile and just upgraded after it was brought to my attention that there is a version 5 (dont know what happened to the other three). Not much difference between the two however the Quick entry makes is super convenient and well designed. I could see how the workflow would be easy to execute on mobile and is a convincing argument to spring for the mobile app.

Highly Functional & Elegant Mind Map Solution

I am blown away at how great it is to work with MindNode’s mind map solution! This app really makes it easy to collect ideas, create notes, create tasks and keep everything organized. It has replaced several other tools I use for work. I’ve used Mind Map solutions for years, but some things MindNode does better than the rest... - Beautiful, distraction free workspace! The UI is not clogged up with noisy buttons and links everywhere like other programs, but everything is still easily customizable...fonts, branch colors, border styles, etc. - Keyboard shortcuts allow you to do absolutely everything! (add and manage content, create notes, create tasks, access your sidebar panels, zooming, select all subnodes, etc.) - Tabbed browsing is great! I have mind maps for daily use now all in one place. (ToDo list, Meetings, Resources) - Outline view helps you stay organized in a complex mind map. - Notes are so easy to add and can be pulled out and resized in a separate floating window. This has been perfect in meetings…I can take notes in 1 place without distractions. - Tasks management is quite nice and a summary of tasks complete will bubble up to the parent node. This has become my task manager app! - The mobile apps are highly functional. Some Feedback… - Additional Text formatting in Notes would be helpful. (ex: bullets & numbering) Or maybe there’s a keyboard shortcut for this? - Would be nice to have more spacing between nodes in auto layout mode. (or configure this in preferences) - When connecting nodes, would be nice to choose where on/within the node rectangle the arrow points to. (ex: I use this to link software requirements in one node to to a design image in another node) - Would like to set a style for branch colors on a parent node, and have all child nodes inherit that style.

Original purchase a few years ago will NOT work now.

I used to use this app religiously for breaking down projects before starting, during and completing presentations for work. It used to be very basic and to the point without any frills or cloud-based crap. I used it easily on my laptop and desktop, shared files with myself and it worked great. I purchased the first version when it came out and recently gave my old computer to my wife. I tried to “restore purchase” on my new laptop, however it will not let me do so as it is an old version. I think it’s ridiculous to force your original customers to buy all over again. I’m currently taking my most valuable documents in “Viewer Mode” and jumping ship to another app that will appreciate its customers. Sad what happened here…and all for a quick buck.

Excellent tool for study

I’m a bio major, mindmapping helps me identify the the key ideas, connect and condense different concepts to efficiently comprehend the materials. I’ve been trying a few others tools, and Mindnode is by far, the one that works best for me. It’s fast, reasonable layouts, smart display, and user friendly. I love how it's very minimalistic, less distractions so I can save sometime. One minor suggestion though, I wish their is more stickers, or users are able to add more stickers or icons into the app based on their need. Because the mindmaping for sturdying focus on the key words, so in many cases, a nice sticker/icons help to visualize the ideas, as for millenials, sticker/emoji says a thousand words.

The free trial is a joke. Had to buy it to really get a feel of it.

Since the free trial is just a demo and not a trial, I actually had to commit to buying the app to actually get a feel for it, since all the tools are locked on the supposedly “trial” they offer. In other words, you can’t really test out a trial if you can’t use it, but I guess it’s part of their marketing strategy. Oh well, I will get to try it out this weekend and will give my honest observations of this piece of software and I will be brutally honest with my review. **Review Update** The developer replied to my review with the following: "Hi Christopher, the trial unlocks the full feature set of MindNode. It sounds like you accidentally got stuck in the Viewer mode. I would be very interested in your brutally honest review.” My Update: Dear developer, that app never got stuck, it told me that in order to unlock the features I had to purchase the app. A clear example of the typical bait app, designed that way, since there was never a full app trial, definitely not accidental, period. Moving on and going back to the brutally honest review I would give, here are my thoughts about the app after an hour of test driving it: The app has great potential in the land of mind mapping. I like that the user interface looks clean, however, it is somewhat mediocre, too bad I can’t upload the image of the mind map I created, otherwise I would gladly share the problems I encountered so far when using it. I couldn’t figure out how to join two nodes to save my life. There’s a button that allows one to connect nodes through arrows, but I wanted to connect them directly, which when mind mapping on regular paper I can easily do. I also wanted to add nodes in between an already existing parent and child node, so I tried every option, but nothing worked. My main complaint is that the user interface is rather rigid, so it doesn’t translate to the experience of mind mapping on paper. Maybe next version they can nail it down. I hope because I greatly benefit from mind mapping.

Bait App… It is not free, there's no full app.

It seems this new trend of offering apps as “free” is taking over the appstore. So it is our social responsability to rate them. This is not a free app, it is a free trial. There no such thing as the “full app”, just a 35USD app that you are allow to use for 2weeks. Because of that misleading pratice i´m giving it 1 star.

This app organizes my mind.

This app seriously helped change how I keep track of everything in my life. The flexibility of making separate main nodes, the ability to fold nodes, the alpha-channel image support, proportion-locked resizing, iCloud support, FLEXIBLE, APPEALING VISUAL DESIGN (this is the aspect I find lacking in all other mind mapping software), and a lot more… all this made it worth every penny in my opinion. Yes, $40 seemed like a lot but I use this for everything from planning new creative projects to mapping out various trains of thought when I’m trying to make an important decision. The UI is intuitive as can be. The export options are high fidelity and optimal file sizes. I can’t recommend this app enough.

Trial version crashed repeatedly within first 5 minutes of usage!!!

That is simply unacceptable, and indicative of an app. that I will run away from immediately. I am using a MacBook Pro, and have no such issues wih iThoughts, OmniOutliner, etc. Too bad, as otherwise looked promising.

Bricked after latest update

I purhcased this app, but after latest update, it will not open a new file, won’t connect to the app store, and runs as trial version.

Great app, but little bit expencive.

Thanks for great app. This app really what i want. It’s one of the best mind mapping app. But 40$ little bit more for some custoers (like me). Please in the next generations make it for everyone budget. Thanks!

Law Student / Notes

I’m a law student who is a kinesthetic and visual learner. Law school really does not foster a healpful learning environment for leaners like me. I struggled heavily trying to take notes productively either by hand or computer in the traditional “note” style or outline style. I learned slowly and not well. I took a gamble and purchased this program - BEST DECISION I’VE MADE FOR MY LAW SCHOOL CAREER THUS FAR!!!! It allows me to take notes in class quickly and connect topics together in a format that makes sense to ME. I love being able to zoom in and out and create my maps different sizes - I can visualize the big picture and see how all the pieces connect or zoom in to a specific section and learn about it with ease. I love being able to print out my maps on one sheet for guidance or each map on a different sheet of paper for better reading (size) ease.

Nothing better!

If you’re on the hunt for the best possible mind-mapping application, then look no further. Mind Node is by far one of the greatest apps on the market, and I highly recommend.

missing 2 basic necessary functions

i am a big fan of mind maps and have been using Mindmeister for years which is great but is sold as a monthly subscription so it gets pricey and a waste if not using for at least one billable project every month. So i signed on for this app for the 2 week trial to see what i could get for a single $40 payment. It’s good if all you want to map are ideas, but it’s missing the ability to attach a file or a URL to a node, and those two functions are critical to how i use mindmaps in my research as an innovation consultant. So i’m out. But let me know if you add these two functions and I’m back in.

Easy and beauty

MindNode is easy and really beauty, I use the iOS version and MacOS version for my work!

Very Nice...

While its a bit expensive, it has a ton of polish. A few things though: -Please oh please create a preferences option to hide the scroll bars (full screen mode would look AMAZING with that addition) -More general customization for appearance in general… I know there are “themes” you can select, but quick selection options for things like default background colour & font would be nice -Option to customize toolbar would be nice (personally I like minimalism and just removing everything from it and using the menu bar to selection tools)

Great for mind mapping and writing

I’m a writer and I use this to plot stories and feature articles that I write. I build out maps during my research process. I like the upgraded way to integrate longer sub notes beneath each node. Great program.

This is only a trial

I have MindNode Pro but haven’t used for a while; thought I might try the newest version and also support the developer. I may still do that eventually but it should be clearer in the description that the In-App Purchases are purchases for the app. There is only a two week trial period then nothing if you do not purchase or upgrade. I am not saying that this is wrong; it just should be stated differently. $39.99 is quite a bit compared to what I payed previously. Too much if I don’t think I will regularly use the app. If it had been $15-20 probably would have done just to support what seems to me to be a good dev.

The developer keeps charging for updates, and no longer supports old versions

If you buy mindnode 5, you will pretty quickly have to shell out more money for mindnode 6...

This is a most excellent app

I absolutely love the design on this app. Other than Things 3, I can’t think of another recent Mac app that so nails design! Funtionality-wise, this is simple-to-use mind mapping app that really tries to get distrations out of the way so you can get to your project. I love it.


It’s not free. I hate it when apps do this. To make matters worse, there’s a subscription fee! You know how many free mind mapping apps exist? TONS. I think this one looks pretty good and it was in the app store so I figured why not try it? I’d even pay a one time fee. But a subscription? Nope! Forget that. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere, you can’t throw a stone without hitting another mind mapping app that’s free and just as feature rich.

Not Unlocking

When trying to start my two week trial the app just loads fro a few min then times out.

File management is the app’s only weakness

I bought all of the highly rated mindmapping maps over the years. However, the app’s marriage of Mac and iOS versions are heads and shoulders above the rest. MindNode went from a promising app with some cool eye-candy but limited features compared to others in the AppStore to now setting the bar for all competitors. My only complaint is the file management system in the iOS version. It’s clunky an unintuitive at best. If this could be addressed, I’d gladly make this a 5-star review.

If you’re serious about mindmapping...

…then this the program for you. MindNode 5 is one of the most expensive programs I’ve ever bought and it took me a while to come around to buying it. If you only need to make occasional mindmap style diagrams this probably isn’t for you. After experimenting with different brain storming and note taking styles I decided I liked this philosophy best and wanted to make it a bigger part of my workflow. I would encourage anyone interested to use the trial and if you decide its something you’ll use every day then there’s no better program for mind map style notes. MyMindNode also makes it really easy to share. I personally think if you spend $40 on the Mac version the iOS version should be included because you’re going to want to use them both and then you’ve got over $50 in it. SimpleMind is $30 with a free version but the Pro features are specific and useful enough that you have to get it and MindNode is much nicer and not far off in price. So if you’re serious about visual notes, this is the best. Another thing about MindNode is that it’s just plain fun to use. Anytime I find myself with a blank screen I pull up MindNode and just doodle around for a while. You can’t really get the same experience from a text outliner.

Recommendations to make it awesome!

I really love this software. It helps me collect all the data I need so I can see it all on one product. I recently downloaded the newest version. It’s nice, but I do not see any mind-blowing new features. What would make this more awesome are a few items: The Search feature searches note content The outline includes note content when exported in PDF The outline needs some work when exported. I just think that it could be presented better when it comes out in PDF or word. Thank you for the awesome product. I hope my suggestions help. Mark

Can’t get the 2 week free trial to work

Can’t get the two week free trial to work.

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